Your partnership  makes a difference

We follow God’s victorious directions of investing, sowing seed and receiving harvests from the Word. This way of life of Monthly Covenant Seed Partnership was dropped into our hearts by the Holy Spirit with the emphasis on teaching those outside of full-time ministry how God designed His Body to participate in His prosperity.

The Lord taught us that Monthly Covenant Seed Partnership is His plan that advances the entire Body of Christ, ESPECIALLY PEOPLE IN THE WORK PLACE – which is the majority of Believers!

Even though God placed us to oversee this Ministry, we are entrepreneurs by trade. Our successful business background and experiences can only be attributed to God’s Hands directing our steps.

Therefore since we spent the majority of our lives in the work place, we easily connect and grasp how most of God’s children think and live. It is not a coincidence that the Lord chose business people to live and teach His Way of Success!

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How can I be a partner?



Inquire of the Lord about partnering with KWW

Set your heart to obey the Lord and stay consistent

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Take Action

Use PayPal, Mail, or transfer funds via Wells Fargo Bank to KING WORLDWIDE MINISTRIES.

Speak aloud the Seed Prayer boldly declaring and expecting the Anointing of God on our lives to attach with you and for your ministering spirits and angels to return to you 100fold of what you were prompted by the Holy Spirit to give.

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Send us your victory reports!

Know that investing in God’s Kingdom is the greatest investment any of us can make! We will be praying for you daily. Remember not living in agape love and/or strife blocks God from being able to work in our lives.

Are you looking for direction?


Explore a wide range of resources designed to help you live a victorious life in every area.


For every cent that comes into KWM, we Tithe the first 10% and give Seed Offerings and to the poor, above the tithe, as the Lord directs.