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Triumphant Life
God's Way

We live and teach others how to live victoriously in every area of life.

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About us

King Worldwide Ministries is the result of a life altering encounter with God Almighty in 2012.

God created us. He has the ideal plan for each of our lives.When we make the decision to learn of Him over anything or anyone else, we begin life. The Lord Jesus Christ calls the plays.We simply execute.

Don't waste another day trying to make your life successful or prosperous.  ​Let God be God in and through you.​Then you will experience this high life that He has for you. 

​​In His Love, the3Kings

Learn Through...


Faith Filled Videos

Join us on our YouTube channel for a life-transforming journey of faith and success.


Audio Library

Whether you're at home, on the go, or in the midst of your daily routine, our audio episodes provide you with the tools to live a victorious life.


One Sheets

From teachings and guides to life-transforming materials, our PDFs provide a tangible connection to God's Way of Success.

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We ought to support such people, so that we may be fellow workers for the Truth. 3 John 1:8

King Worldwide is completely and solely operated by the direction of Holy Spirit. We refuse to be led or trapped by worldly business plans, worldly marketing strategies, and/or worldly ways of success. KWW offers and participates in “Partnership” according to Scripture.


Investing into God’s Kingdom. Start donating, tithing, or your partnership through our online portal.

About Lisa King

Her dedication and obedience to daily time in God’s Word opened the valve for Lisa to tap into God’s Kingdom, God’s Way of Life, God’s Righteousness, just as Jesus did. From those days, weeks, months and years of hearing and executing Gods will, Lisa realized that this way of living is the most peaceful, joyful, and victorious life. This system that God had shown her via His Word, is God’s Way of Success.